Leo Laporte

[Character:] Leo Laporte
[Series or Game:] TWIT: This Week In Tech
[Time taken to complete:] Still WIP
[Inspiration:] Back before TechTV was devoured by G4tv there was the show Call For Help and The Screen Savers (which later became Attack of The Show). The host at the time was Leo Laporte who managed to balance keeping both shows informative and entertaining at the same time. Soon after TechTV was absorbed Call For Help was booted from the line up and Leo left The Screen Savers. Since then he’s created his own online version of Call For Help under the TWIT umbrella.
[Comments:] Much like the Sweeny Todd money the face is eerily semi realistic to the point where I had to start painting it just so it would stop giving me the heebee geebees.
[Materials:] Munny base with Super Sculpey used for all add ons.