[Character:] Ditto, Dittoed Sandshrew, & Dittoed Wobbuffet
[Series or Game:] Pokemon
[Time taken to complete:] 8 hours maybe?
[Inspiration:] One of the artists I follow on Deviant Art, by the name of messa, decided to hold a quick one week contest for whoever could sculpt the best Ditto. Decided to take it one further and sculpt 2 pokemon being “dittoed”. The first choice was a bit of a biased one because I’ve grown pretty attached to Sandshrew. The 2nd was because of how amusing the idea of Wobbuffet being dittoed was.
[Comments:] Ended up not winning but it was a fun contest and was interesting to see what other people were doing with their Ditto sculptures.
[Materials:] Sculpey, super sculpey, fimo and primo mix for all 3. Then painted with a mix of acrylic paint and acrylic inks. All the lines on sandshrew and the faces on all 3 were etched in using an x-acto knife, very tedious business lemme tell you.