[Character:] Hypnotoad
[Series or Game:] Futurama
[Time taken to complete:] 8 – 10 hours
[Inspiration:] I was asked to make some sort of Hypnotoad plush for The Cosplay Burlesque Show performance at Intervention con, a con focusing on various internet related entertainment. Holly Ween was great enough to pick up the cost of the puppet used as a base and gave me some money in exchange for the time plugged into it.
[Comments:] The eyes were originally removed and copies were casted in other to properly light using 360 leds. This was a joint effort between myself and my boyfriend Steve who was nice enough to put together the wiring that I then sewed into the body. I tried to take decent photos of the leds but they look much better on stage.
[Materials:] Toad puppet base, acrylic paint for lighter colors, smooth-cast liquid plastic resin and 360 leds.