Remus Lupin

[Character:] Remus Lupin – Marauders Era
[Series or Game:] Harry Potter
[Time taken to complete:] 30 to 40 hours
[Inspiration:] Around the time of the last movie it seemed as if anyone who wasn’t already a fan of the the series fell into it. Including my friend JeiC and myself. After we both read through the books and learned more about some of the adults, more specifically their time in Hogwarts, we both felt a connection to the characters Remus Lupin and Severus Snape respectively. Last summer while I was somewhat scrambling to come up with a birthday present for JeiC I finally decided to customize a munny for her.
[Comments:] The hair on him is extremely thick and was made of extension hair purchased at a local beauty supply store. I think I little overboard with the bulk of the hair. Also the ears are somewhat wolf shaped and he also has a tail both covered in wig fiber from a previous wig commission.
[Materials:] Mini Munny figure by Kid Robot with sculpey for all details. Fabric was used to make some of the clothing textures and lightly pressed my fingers across the face to texture it as well. All scars were done using a rubber tipped brush to help keep it smooth much like actual scars. The hair for the tail was attached before tediously attaching all of the hair from back to front.