Sweeney Todd

[Character:] Sweeney Todd
[Series or Game:] Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
[Time taken to complete:] 56 hours roughly
[Inspiration:] Kid Robot was having a contest to celebrate the release of the Mini Munny figure. The original rules gave 6 categories to choose from and create a custom Mini Munny. Around this time the film Sweeney Todd was only out for a couple months and thought it would make a good Munny. I was shooting to fall into either the celebrity or the villain category so I ran with it. This literally was a labor of love because I had roughly a week to do all of the work, paint it and attach all of the hair. 2 of the 3 are time consuming in themselves. And of course the night before I planned to take pictures to submit I decided the figure alone wasn’t good enough and took the time to make a meat pie for him to sit on. The blood on it was still wet as I took the pictures half out of final crunch to finish and half out of liking how it looked.
[Comments:] Ended up with an honorable mention and honestly can’t complain. Its not the $500 prize but one of 30 nods out of a few hundred entries isn’t too shabby.
[Materials:] Mini Munny figure by Kid Robot with sculpey for all details. Fabric was used to make some of the clothing textures and lightly pressed my fingers across the face to texture it as well. The hair is all leftover wig fiber from 2 different wigs wrapped in aluminum foil and curled using a blowdryer. Painted with acrylic paint top coated with spray on top coat. The meatpie is made of super sculpey and aluminum foil with airbrush paint for blood.