[Character:] DJ Iroha
[Series or Game:] BeatmaniaIIDX
[Time taken to complete:] 2 to 3 weeks off and on
[Inspiration:] Was a few months or so after the Emi pinky that I wanted to customize another Pinky:st figure. At the time I was pretty into the music game BeatmaniaIIDX and 9th style was somewhat new as the newest console version at the time. I really loved Iroha’s design and she was for a bit my favorite character across fandoms.
[Comments:] For this one I did quite a bit of research before taking the time to put it all together and it really shows in the results. The paint job is quite a bit cleaner then with the Emi Pinky:st.
[Materials:] Official Pinky:St figure and Tamiya epoxy in quick set. There was also a filler for some of the hair details but I can’t remember offhand what the brand name was.