[Character:] Emi
[Series or Game:] DDR: Dance Dance Revolution
[Time taken to complete:] A week or 2
[Inspiration:] This was a birthday or Christmas present for my friend Matt aka Qkumbr a few years ago. We met each other through DDR and wanted to make something from the game. Around the same time I discovered Pinky:St figures and found them an adorable base to work with. Purchased what I thought were a couple official figures on ebay but came to find they were somewhat shotty bootlegs so it was an interesting experience attempting to get the pieces apart in order to sculpt around them. I believe I was only able to get the head apart.
[Comments:] Looking back at the paint job I’m both impressed with myself at the time and cringe at how shakey alot of the lines are. Also the hat weighs a ton and when wearing it she has to lean against things to not fall over.
[Materials:] Bootlegged Pinky:St figure and epoxy clay (they type used for repairing leaky pipes. Really hard to work with overall and heavy as anything.