Chang Wufei

[Character:] Chang Wufei
[Series or Game:] Gundam Wing
[Version:] Preventers
[Debuted at:] either Anime Boston 07 or AnimeNEXT 07
[Inspiration for cosplay:] Was a fan of Gundam Wing since the mid 90’s when it premiered on Cartoon Network since then its one of the few fandoms I’ve managed to fall in and out of somewhat regularly. When I was getting more active into cosplay I out of the blue decided to message JeiC on the message board over a Gundam Wing meet and we’ve been friends ever since. 
[Comments:] The jacket is a commission by JeiC for the Preventers group that was who knows how many years in the making. I also really dislike the wig for this with a passion. It loves to slide back on my head and expose my bit of widows peak.