[Series or Game:] Sherlock – BBC series
[Characters:] Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, and Jim Moriarty
[Models/Cosplayers:] nightengale37, AnimeLore, Kitsu
[Event:] AnimeUSA in Arlington, VA
[Comments:]Going to say up front that all of the pictures were taken by Pezzidge over at deviantart (link can be found here.

The reason its sitting in my Photography section is mainly because the shots were taken in extremely low lighting and almost every shot needed a lot of work to get them to a point where they were anywhere near usable. Pezz was a trooper braving the cold in a cute Dalek dress and did manage to get a number of shots to choose from. So that being said, this was a really fun shoot. This being the 3rd convention in a row it was nice to actually be able to get in costume even if it did consist of things found in my closet for various other costumes. Also getting to cosplay a character like Moriarty is nice because any number of expressions are believable with how eccentric he is in the new series.